Friday, January 02, 2009


new year, new hope ... new who!!

reports all over the intertubes say that the BBC will announce the actor who will be playing the 11th doctor tomorrow, during a special episode of doctor who confidential (now titled "the eleventh doctor," previously known as "the ten doctors"). ohboyohboyohboy. i can't wait to find out who it is.

so many names have been bandied about, including david morrissey, who figured prominently in the fantastic 2008 christmas special, "the next doctor." (but, IMO, isn't.)

anyway, i'm gonna guess paterson joseph (pictured above, at right). he's a front-running contender, and he worked with incoming showrunner steven moffat in jekyll (as did james nesbitt, another contender and highly acceptable candidate, but speculation seems off him, too bad). i just watched PJ in the "reboot" of survivors (a series about a tiny number of people who live through a mega-flu epidemic that nearly wipes out humanity), and i really liked him. i could totes see him as the doctor. there's been a lot of buzz about having the "first black doctor" -- which is exciting, and quite a leap, since they only even showed a black gallifreyan for the first time in a flashback during "the sound of drums" (or one of those series 3 eps with the master; i think it was that one).

wellllll, we'll just have to wait ... one more day.

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