Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the christmas song

no, it's not a reindeer, but our christmas eve day did start out with a visit from some antlered critters: a pair of young bucks grazing on the backyard hill. but i could only get a picture of this one (and then had to close-up the hell out of it on the camera to show anything here). thanks to the rain, we now have lots of tasty green stuff out back, and so i've been seeing more deer again lately.

then it was just last-minute errands, and a verrrry long drive to the south bay to spend the evening with 00soul's family (tacos for christmas eve! yum!) -- 90 minutes, urgh. they had lots of pictures of polar bears from their recent trip to canada to see those creatures, and a video that one of their trip-mates had put together, which were pretty cool. they even had a fleeting shot of a snowy white arctic fox (fleeting cuz it was running away).

after a few hours, we beat it back home in MUCH lighter traffic, and were safely ensconsed in the LC love shack by the time it started raining. my main man is knocked out from all the tacos he ate (haha), so i'm rattling around the christmas tree (metaphorically speaking) alone. but i'm excited about tomorrow, b/c as old as i ever get, i'll always be excited by christmas. anyway, i still have to wrap a couple of presents. sconser is crashed out under the desk lamp next to me, warm as a kitty can be. otherwise, not a creature is stirring ... .

and so, like nat king cole sings it: merry christmas to you.

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