Saturday, January 03, 2009

everything old is new again

he's not paterson joseph, nor black at all, but doctor who IS going emo. behold the 11th doctor, matt smith (above; photo nicked from this article in the times online). he's 26. the youngest ever to play the part, as we've heard about 15 million times already. at first i thought it was weird that the BBC was going to announce this so soon, but ... hm, i think it makes sense, b/c now people have lots of time to discuss the choice and analyze it and cheer it or protest it or whatev, well before he's actually seen in the role.

anyway, he's just funny-looking enough to work, but i haven't seen him perform in anything except an episode of secret diary of a call girl, so i don't have much impression of his acting. it cannot be worse than colin baker's, i'm sure.

tonight i watched the first ep of this new ITV series called demons, mostly b/c philip glenister is in it. it's basically another emo-teen-fantasy drama (from the makers of hex, and i think someone from merlin has something to do with it too), about the latest van helsing in a long line of "smiters" -- the show's word for demon-slayers. the hero, luke, is played by hunky christian cooke, who was ross the doomed UNIT soldier in the two-part S4 DW sontaran story. mina harker is a blind psychic singer played by zoe tapper (young doctor anya in survivors). and philip g plays luke's AMERICAN godfather, who witnessed his BFF/luke's dad's death at the hands of "freaks" (aka demons).

there is a giant hidden underground library where they get knowledge and weapons, and did i mention that PG's character's name is RUPERT galvin? how many americans are called rupert? yes, it's all very scooby-ishly buffy, complete with luke having super-reflexes and a destiny. (he also looks good shirtless.) toss in a couple of lamecore star wars refs, some truly loltastic dialogue, totally OTT demons, and sexual tension provided by mina vs luke's bestie, the totally adorable ruby (holly grainger) ... and you've got one seriously cracked-out legend update. it's terrible, and i'll probably watch it all.

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