Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i have received an ACTUAL COMPLAINT about interruption of service on this here blog. apparently at least one person in the universe wants to read my published opinions on stuff like the latest episodes of lost and battlestar galactica ... and has let me know about it, you betcha.

there's no real reason behind my lack of posting, other than a general sense of who-gives-a-fuck? but now let me shake off my torpor to talk a little bit about my new favorite character on lost: daniel faraday.

played by jeremy davies, this time-traveling physicist (pictured above) arrived on the mysterious island with a freighter full of scientists and mercenaries hired by the apparently evil charles widmore to wipe out everyone on the island and capture ben linus. faraday's eccentric tics, impatience-bordering-on-arrogance with explaining highly technical stuff to mere dudes like sawyer, generally rumpled appearance, and humble, sometimes even apologetic, demeanor make him american tv's current best substitute for a time lord. i mean, he HAS been doing pretty well at figuring out the weird-ass shit that's been happening on the island since ben moved it ... although i am beginning to suspect it hasn't moved physically at all, but only, shall we say, quantum-physically.

anyway, unlike the doctor, daniel doesn't have a TARDIS or even a sonic screwdriver -- just a frakkin' notebook. his life's work on time travel. and he also, apparently, has a mom at oxford who knows her shit ... and who will soon be encountering desmond, it seems. can't wait to meet HER.

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