Wednesday, September 10, 2008

lost souls

rumors persist of a doctor who movie. they all seem to originate from one place, howev: reports in the UK's sun tabloid. not, i understand, the most reliable source. supposedly tennant wants to do movies, and he'll return for the 2010 season if they take the doctor big-screen. idk. it's plausible, i suppose.

and also re the 2009 specials (also via the sun), some familiar faces allegedly will be coming back (click to be spoiled). another sun report claims an even more surprising return for next year (again, click for spoilage) ... and that sketchy description makes it sound like a flashback episode ... idk II. this seems plausible too, mainly 'cause i've heard fanboy spec on this before, but somewhat more unlikely.

lots of media fuss about CERN's gigantic particle accelerator, the large hadron collider, which they started up today (super-cool above picture nicked from the CERN site). there's even a torchwood radio episode called "lost souls" that was made as part of the hoopla surrounding CERN. it was unfortunately sort of cheesy and, like, textbooky -- but it had some angst and innuendo ... and martha. so, OK.

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