Wednesday, September 03, 2008 one more time

ohboy. there's so much to catch up on, but i don't feel all that arsed to blab.

or maybe it's more like, i feel i should start thinking about more serious matters (hey, summer's unofficially over, after all). but i don't even know where to start with the whole sarah palin thing. (she's pictured above with running mate john mccain, in a new york times photo by jim wilson.) it really seems to show the repubs' contempt for women -- or, really, for voters. one of my friends said her dad's theory is that mccain doesn't actually WANT to win. wahaha. i read in (i think) the NYT that he would've rather gone with ridge or lieberman (!?! proof of insanity), but the "base" contingent wouldn't let him and wanted palin. so, maybe a better theory is that they twisted his arm, and when she disclosed the pregnant teen daughter, he told 'em, "too bad, i'm running with her anyway!"

sigh. see? it's still summer in my brain: i can't even be serious about serious stuff. i mean, palin is totally unqualified to be vice president, just experience-wise alone. and then you have her ostrich views on global warming, her creationism, her opposition to gay marriage, the possible scandals she's linked to ... not to mention her thing for abstinence-only sex ed (yeah, THAT worked out great). i think the pregnant teen daughter is relevant, given palin's backward views on educating kids about sex, but i guess i'm with lindsay lohan on this: all the blather about it is just distracting us from the real issues.

still. the story i really want more of (assuming it IS a story, and don't you think it is?) is the one about how the palins shotgunned unsuspecting baby daddy levi into marrying their girl (or at least agreeing to act like he will). mwahaha. dude. i bet you REALLY wish you'd used a condom right about now.

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