Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the waiting

guess what, doctor who fans? itunes now has classic eps available for download -- stuff that's NOT EVEN OUT ON DVD!!!

i discovered this the other day and immediately downloaded a third doctor (jon pertwee) serial called "terror of the autons" -- featuring the first appearance of the ever-evil master. (and i must say, roger delgado in the role rules like a ruling thing.)

the list of choices was relatively short (considering that there are, like, 5,284 serials from the show's 400-year history), but it included some fourth doctor (tom baker) ones too. i snagged one called "the sun makers" that featured the wonderful leela and was a totally cracked commentary on the evils of capitalism, yay. (yeah, RTD knows how to yank the heartstrings and up the melodrama, but the tom baker years really brought the subversiveness, baby.)

so i thought, "boy, wouldn't it be awesome if they had 'the deadly assassin'?" you know, the 4th doc one where the master frames him for murdering the lord president of gallifrey? (the above photo, featuring ol' teeth 'n' curls in gallifreyan garb, is taken from said tale.) famed for being the only serial ever to feature the doc w/o companion? i searched for it but didn't find it, and this little link popped up that said "request anything you can't find." so i clicked it and filled out the form.

literally the next day, i went back for another hit of my favorite TV crack. and lo, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a download offering "the deadly assassin"?!? (interestingly, all three of the serials i just mentioned were written by the prolific robert holmes.) you better believe i clicked that link. haven't watched it yet, but, boy, am i looking forward to it. itunes rocks. the only thing i don't get is why these serials are rated "TV-14." that's just nuts.

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