Tuesday, September 16, 2008

it takes two

yesterday the times of london published excerpts from e-mails between doctor who revamper russell t. davies and benjamin cook, his co-author on a book about RTD's experiences with DW. one comment RTD made about young actor russell tovey -- "i think i'd make him the eleventh doctor" -- set the blogosphere and UK press a-buzzing. all on the strength of what seemed to me a passing comment of admiration and interest in this fab thesp, who played midshipman frame in last year's christmas ep, "voyage of the damned," and who i totally lurved in the pilot for being human. (hurry up and make more eps of that, BBC.)

yeah. well. i just read today's installment (or, technically, tomorrow's) of these exchanges, and believe me -- we ain't seen nothin' yet. WARNING: the preceding link contains MAJOR MAJOR spoilers for the upcoming christmas special. and i mean MAJOR. not to mention, RTD says something about the S4 two-fer "silence in the library"/"forest of the dead" that even writer/future showrunner steven moffat had been slightly more coy about. but forget that part. the christmas special: OMFG!!!!!!!

let the UK media feeding frenzy begin.

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