Friday, January 23, 2004

drink me II

last night i went out for a drink after work with doc40. i think there are about three, maybe four, places we like to go. this one was the kibitz room at canter's on fairfax -- mostly b/c it is usually uncrowded, extremely mellow, reasonably priced, and close by. the other thing i like about it is that they have bands play there starting around 9, so we don't end up losing track of time, sitting there all night, and drinking too much.

first thing that happened was, a couple sat down at the bar next to us, shortly after we got there, and the woman started talking about someone i know. i just eavesdropped and didn't say anything, but that was weird. i will never get used to l.a. being a small town after all.

anyway, the lakers were losing on the tv, no big shock there. we were talking about work, my novel, the state of the world, his latest projects/prospects, music, my renewed desire to travel the world, etc. -- the usual stuff. the night bartender, eric, came on. he's this blond musician type, very nice and mellow guy. he arrived wearing an outrageous plush red coat ... very superfly. i was respectably nursing my second tanq & tonic, and doc was just drinking bud. (how he stands it, i don't know, but i hate beer anyway.) i played some tunes on the jukebox, which was a more complicated process than i might've imagined, and more musicians start coming in with their equipment and all. we're looking at our watches, going, hmmmm. we should probably get going. eric turns out the lights to make the bar really nice and dark. ahhh. then suddenly there appear before us twin glow-in-the-dark shots ... bright green and evil-looking. "have you ever had captain kirk's alien pussy?" eric asks. naturally, we had not. wtf, it was still early. we drank up.

eric wouldn't tell us what the ingredients were, except that vodka was in it. doc rightly pointed out that they weren't particularly strong, so we took off not too long after consuming them. i dropped him off and went home, spent the evening with my main man, agent 00soul, just hanging. definitely started feeling tired pretty early, however. time was doing that dragging thing, which is always so surprising since it usually moves so fast. i did not feel particularly drunk at all.

however, although i was tired and went to bed fairly early, i felt weirdly awake for a while. after i did fall asleep, i had the most evil dreams i have had in a long time. just sort of murky, shifting anxiety scenarios all strung together -- missing deadlines, not being able to make it to work, being in strange unsettling situations of all sorts. i can't really remember them now, but at the time they were vivid to the point of disorientation ... i kept waking up, thinking i was in some sort of trouble, or that i had things to sort out that i would never be able to unravel, etc.

ugh. so, that was no fun at all. i usually don't have that sort of insomnia or freaky dreams unless i have consumed a lot more alcohol. so ... it had to be the alien pussy. (i think it was spiked with some sorta energy drink ... a pox on the people who invented this shit!) which kinda gives a whole new meaning to the concept of "the first one's free." next time, i'll pass.

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