Friday, January 23, 2004

verse, chorus, verse

i do not write poetry very well, but here are some things i've written that i kind of like.

this one is just an exercise in repetition, but it's fun:

don't variations

don't make me cry
don't make me laugh
don't make me pity you
don't make me like you

don't be my hero
you can't take the fall
don't be a martyr
up against the wall

don't do me like that
don't do me no wrong
don't do what i say
just do what you do .... uh huh

don't say whatever
don't turn away
don't never say never
don't lose your way


this was written in anger, and no small measure of self-loathing, when drunk, in the aftermath of unwanted advances from a troll:

my pretty face is going to hell

do you know what it's like to be me?
no you don't. here's a sample:
"oh, you're such an amazing writer,
and you have incredible tits.
i've always been in love with you.
i want to fuck you
but i know that will never happen.
yet i feel no hesitation
in telling you all this.
because i am a man,
and every thought i have
is meaningful
and worth sharing.
i never imagine how much
it might freak you out,
because why would you be freaked out
to know how much i want and love you?
in fact it would never even occur
to me to consider that."
right. and so it's left to me to deal
as usual.
hah. everybody knows i enjoy it.


and this is my best poem so far:

i saw the stars come out

the sky beckoned
a dark sapphire pulse at twilight
i looked up into it
like something was about to happen
i saw maybe a quarter moon
and all that blue
turning into cobalt
i just kept searching the ether
then a tiny flash broke the skin
a little flare from space
and all at once the heavens
were studded with glittering chips


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