Thursday, July 16, 2009

try it again

rumors have been swirling for a while now that when doctor who star david tennant (pictured above) and showrunner russell t. davies appear on a panel later this month at the san diego comic-con with director euros lyn, they will announce a big-screen who project starring DT, written by RTD, and directed by lyn.

well ... maybe. but my first reaction was "no fucking way." first off, let's not forget that RTD was supposed to appear at the con last year, and he canceled at the last minute, which bummed me out b/c i bought a one-day ticket mainly to hear him speak. it turned out ok, b/c the panels that did happen (one for torchwood, one for DW) were pretty great, with exec producer julie gardner, writer and incoming showrunner steven moffat, and some of the TW stars.

but anyway. a who movie? announced at comic-con, when one might imagine that bbc america would be more focused on basking in the glow of the newly broadcast series 3 of TW (starting july 20 on BBCA and ushering in the brand-new BBCA HD) and promoting the last three DW specials starring DT as the 10th doctor, which will air sometime later this year or maybe early next? i dunno.

aside from the logic problems, the whole idea gives me a bad feeling. it would be great to have a big-screen who flick, but OTOH, it feels really weird that they would do it this way. with 11th doctor matt smith already in the chute, as filming supposedly begins next week on series 5, for broadcast next year, it seems strange that they'd use this opportunity to hype a flick starring the guy who quit, even if he is the most popular doctor EVAR.

and, even if the film falls between smith series, i don't get why they would sign matt smith (above) to a multi-year contract to be the doctor, and then make a movie, allegedly slated to come out the year after only his first series has aired, with the previous actor to play the doctor. (yes, they made a doctor who movie in 1965 with a different actor, peter cushing, while william hartnell was the doctor on TV. but that's different, for obvious reasons.)

i mean, i can't flat-out say a movie with DT won't happen. and to quote the doctor, i'd love it! but i still think that DT, RTD, and lyn will be at the con to promote 10's final eps. lyn directed them, so that fits, and they won't air here until ... uh, well, whenever. also, it's like, if this movie has been a possibility (the only official statement from the beeb has been that "a script is in development" ... which doesn't mean it's even close to being in production or even pre-production), why would tennant quit being the doctor, then do specials, then leave? why not end at series 4 and then make the movie, have that, and then have matt smith?

also, i'm kind of ready for this chapter of who to end, despite how much i love 10. i want to see what the fantastic steven moffat is going to do with the doctor, and matt smith too. i watched "the empty child"/"the doctor dances" the other night (moffat-penned, starring christopher eccleston as the 9th doctor ... pictured below), and just kinda fell in love again with the mixture of emotional nuance, darkness, humor, romance, and crazy broad gesture that moffat can do.

OTOH, what with every sci-fi/fantasy franchise in existence cashing in right now, it's the perfect time to plan a big-screen who adventure. and with RTD supposedly moving to the u.s., plus julie gardner (who also works on spin-offs torchwood and the sarah jane adventures) joining the l.a.-based bbc worldwide america, doctor who is closer to hollywood than, well, ever. it would make RTD's moving-on-now stance a pose, but that wouldn't be terribly surprising. and, while DT seemed to be shifting toward more "serious" projects (hosting PBS's masterpiece classics starting in the fall and having a part in UK WWII drama glorious 39), then the announcement came that he will play a villain in the latest installment of the british st. trinian's franchise, apparently involving pirate gold and naughty schoolgirls. (hey, a guy's gotta eat ... not to mention: naughty schoolgirls!) but anyway, in one recent interview DT did sorta cryptically mention the possibility of being in an unnamed big-deal sci-fi project in the future, so it very well could all happen just as the rumors say it will.

but, as much as i love doctor who and have since childhood, i dunno if the average american idiot will. (yes, i'm assuming it would be made at least partially with the US market in mind, like the '96 tv movie ... otherwise, why bother making the announcement at an american industry event?) DW has a higher profile than ever here, but it's still a cult jam. which is rather how i prefer it, but that's another story.

whatevs. if there is a movie, i'll definitely see it!

anyway, not that matt smith needs MY sympathy, but i'm starting to feel sorry for the dude. he's not even been seen in the show yet and already he's being shoved to the side by DT. ahaha. oh well. i suppose he'll be in the relentless spotlight soon enough.

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