Friday, January 18, 2008

spitting games

still with the alarmingly busy, but here's a quick update.

speaking of "radio8ball," the l.a. times published my story yesterday.

and my citybeat column ruminating on juno is also out. let's hope the link to the new and NOT improved website works.

when this day is done, i will be rewarded by getting to see the first episode of torchwood S2. can't wait to watch jack and the gang in all-new adventures! (and LOOK who's gonna be joining in -- see above.) w00t!

also, i want to try something new. my (three) regular readers may notice that pretty much all the post titles are song titles (which often, but not always, have something to do with the post in some way or other. like this one.) do you want to hear the song? now if you click on the title above, you'll go to a youtube video of the tune. if you like it, i'll try to keep it up with links to vids or mp3s or whatever i can find.

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