Monday, December 17, 2007

every little thing she does is magic

the january 2008 mojo is lousy with doctor who types. there's a mini-interview with john "the master" simm about his favorite music (much classic rock as well as modern band the coral and others). and there's a great short Q&A with torchwood's john "jack harkness" barrowman, who, as i noted in a previous post, is an interpreter of pop songs.

these are a few of my favorite parts:

MOJO: What music are you currently grooving to?
John Barrowman: Amy Winehouse's Back to Black. During the filming of the last episode of Doctor Who, David Tennant was singing Rehab the whole time and that drilled Amy into my head. There's a real Dusty Springfield edge to her, and I'm always grooving to Dusty. She was before her time, a white woman with a black woman's voice.

the answer to this question below, IMO, gives some indirect insight into a couple of the songs selected for his album (see link to amazon uk listing, below):

MOJO: What, if push comes to shove, is your all-time favourite album?
JB: This is going to sound really gay, but it's got to be the Original Broadway Cast Recording of A Chorus Line. A great piece of storytelling about theatre folk and great songs like I Hope I Get It, I Can Do That, and At the Ballet. Brilliant!

and this one makes it sound like he's fun to party with:

MOJO: What is your favourite Saturday night record?
JB: The Starland Vocal Band's Afternoon Delight. Also Bjork's It's Oh So Quiet. It's all so quiet before going out, and then bang! I'll explode!

John Barrowman's Another Side is out now on Sony.

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