Thursday, July 05, 2007

wild in the streets

this week my "subbacultcha" column is about domenic priore's new book, riot on sunset strip, an excruciatingly detailed history of that storied time, just before the fabled summer of love, when authority clamped down and the kids stood up for themselves ... with predictably fascist results.

speaking of standing up, keith olbermann rules. (thanks to doc epstein for the link.) notice how his delivery never, ever falters during this whole 10-minute commentary? not one wobbly word to distract from the strength of his convictions and the power of his barely controlled outrage. what a righteous encapsulation of the deceptions we've all been subjected to these last seven years.

hmmmm ... what if we all showed up on the white house's doorstep at once to express our emphatic agreement with olbermann's demand? now, that would be SOME demonstration!

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