Friday, July 20, 2007

i have always been here before

on the eve of the deathly hallows, i have finally finished rereading all the harry potter books. that last one is a definite downer. there'd better be a freakin' happy ending this time. no doubt there are heart-wrenchingly selfless deeds to come -- but not all of them sacrificial as well, i hope.

last night i resumed catching up with the first season of heroes over at coiledsoul's joint, bolstered by delicious chinese food, sparkling pink wine, and gin & tonics. wow, the cheerleader waking up during her autopsy was gnarly! i s'pose anyone who's up on the story would already know, but at this point i can only guess that the younger petrelli's power is that he can absorb the powers of whoever super is around him. just a guess, but it would explain why he could fly when around nathan and finish painting the future-portrait started by heroin-boy. (although doesn't that also imply that heroin is not really needed to see the future visions? which is confusing, actually.)

anyway, the show is a lot of fun so far, and i love how hiro uses the comic book (that's them pictured above) as a blueprint -- b/c in the comic book everything has already happened. (yet they can change the future by acting.) this device dovetails nicely with the subject this week of my "subbacultcha" column: deja vu.

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