Sunday, July 15, 2007

high heel sneakers

today the doc and i enjoyed a late brunch at favorite haunt the silver spoon in weho. we had food and drinks on the very pleasant patio, but the afternoon's enjoyment came in no small part due to the drag-queen extravaganza taking place at the gold coast bar across the street and a block to the west. it was a red dress party, which one of the silver spoon's staff said was a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS in honor of a late employee of the bar. we watched the revelers trickle in twos and threes, in high boots and crimson stilettos and spiked clear heels, on foot and by taxi and even by city bus, toward the gathering place -- marked with an enormous red sequined tent like a sparkly sail atop the establishment, and red shiny fringe along the outside windows. with shouts of "hey, girl!" and "don't be such a whore!" a few celebrants stationed themselves on the sidewalk to strut, wave at passersby and cameramen, and engage in the ceremonial drag queen ritual of hollering "woooooo."

then, suddenly, a wave of red-clad faux-ladies rolled out of the bar and onto the thoroughfare like a giant tongue unfurling across la jolla avenue. much hooting and hollering and honking ensued. and i snapped this photo. b/c how could you not?

ahh, a summer sunday in l.a. blue skies, golden sunshine, scarlet girly-men. perfection.

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