Friday, June 29, 2007

don't tell them you're sane

here in the 21st century, today, we've got defused car bombs in london -- two, not one, as we were initially led to believe -- and de-desegregated schools in america, a deceased movie critic and a denial of bush's immigration plan.

last night i saw the end of life on mars, and it was thoroughly satisfying. it also kept me up, thinking about it. what's real? what's not? what's death? what's madness? how do you test those things? what year is this? etc. at least sam (that's him there, above) finally found home. the only sad part is that there's no more.

it's often said that media overexposure makes people numb, but the 24/7 information flow doesn't so much make you stop caring as it does make you unable to care -- all distance erased, all detachment unhinged. rather than nothing seeming real, everything is seeming way too real. and who can cope with that?

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