Sunday, June 24, 2007

between the ashes

i almost forgot: my column in this week's citybeat is about VBS (vice broadcasting system), the internet-TV venture of the vice magazine empire.

it has a lot of stuff, all different types of things. but the story of the iraqi metal band, acrassicauda (pictured above), is especially compelling, and VBS also has some chilling stuff about industrial pollution's effect on local populations, in this series called toxic. plus there's a lot more to explore.

in other news, citybeat won a couple of press club awards (i got honorable mention for columnist ... like hugh the borg, i was third of five): michael collins for journalist of the year, and anthony miller for entertainment feature. i'm so proud of them! and the glowing dog got its day!

anyway, there's a full list of CB award results at the end of this page.

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