Tuesday, November 01, 2005

red planet rock

is it a coincidence that, at a time when mars has swung closer to earth, suddenly the democrats in congress have gotten downright feisty? it is said that the red planet's proximity intensifies feelings of combativeness, aggression, domination. if so, i say make mars work for us! but even if it's not the result of nearness to our solar-system neighbor, sen. harry reid's maneuver today was quite dramatically striking. he certainly caught the GOP off guard.

"they have no convictions, they have no principles, they have no ideas," huffed senate majority leader bill frist about the dems. hello, bill? reality's calling. those talking points won't hunt no more.

of course, it's about fucking time. still, i love that the dems are actually attempting to control the national spin, and demonstrating that they've found a backbone (at least for the moment). fitzgerald hauls scooter's ass up in a sling, and suddenly all white house attention is focused on the new supreme court nominee. indictment, what indictment? oh, that silly thing. well, after all, libby's indictment was only the first time in 135 years that this has happened to a sitting WH staffer ... nothing to see here, folks. move along, now. (and, anyway, we fired him, ok?) hah.

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