Monday, November 14, 2005

ready steady go

* the paul oakenfold track cited above has gotta be the most overused piece of atmospheric music i've heard in ... a while. it played in the bourne identity, which i just watched on DVD. i recognized it from collateral damage, which is actually a later film. and of course all weekend you could hear it in the saab commercials about how the cars are evolved from jets, or whatev.

* everything's '80s, we know that. which i guess even includes a marketplace reenactment of capitalism's final triumph over communism. this time it's not my erstwhile fellow students ironically donning red-star caps cribbed from surplus sources unknown, but teenybopper-trend-pushing, currently selling an olive-drab sweatshirt adorned with the red star. b/c marx is so, like, kewl.

* oh, look. alito doesn't think abortion rights are supported by the constitution. i'm so shocked.

* thanks to the good folks of dover, pennsylvania, for braving god's wrath so might their children be not branded idiots. except, there's already a controversy about the voting machines!

* oh, president bush and his dusty old with-us-agin-us rhetoric! somebody ought to tell him that them talking-points hounds ain't gonna hunt no more. oh, somebody did.

* and, OMG! the FDA might not have fully considered all the facts before denying women easier access to the morning-after pill? that's so hard to believe. after all, issues of women's reproductive health are usually so fairly and judiciously considered in this country.

* keep torture legal! yeah, right. because we rilly, rilly need it to get the bad men to tell us where the bomb is before it blows up our leaders.

* finally, on an upbeat note, turns out that all those ads with twins and other hot chicks pushing beer aren't sexist -- they're simply referencing a more egalitarian time.

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