Thursday, December 24, 2009

blue christmas

in honor of the beginning of "the end of time," here is a blast from christmas 2007 past. my original doctor who christmas song, penned for my DW buddy richie. although, while 'tis the season for a doctor who special, we are not going to get daleks. i don't think. but we will get wilf (see above)! so yay.

Santa, Bring Me a Dalek

Santa, I've been good this year
Now bring on the excess
But I don't want no costly gear --
No earrings, no Lexus
No MP3, no GPS,
No diamond watch, no Wii
This Christmas I will be a mess
Without supremacy

Santa, bring me a Dalek
I swear it is the best
Santa, bring me a Dalek
The Doctor's nemesis

It's fun, it's keen, it's neat, it's mean
Oh, what a sight to see
The scourge of planet Skaro
As cute as it can be
A mutant form of human life
It's programmed to survive
Mostly made of metal
And yet still quite alive

Santa, bring me a Dalek
The sci-fi king of death
Santa, bring me a Dalek
Or I will hold my breath

[dramatic pause]

I've been good, I've been sweet
I got high marks in school
I do just what my parents say
And follow all the rules

So give me what my heart desires
This super-duper beast
It never stops, it never quits
It's tops, to say the least
There's just no better way to prove
I've got the upper hand
Come Yuletide night I'll be the one
Who's lord of all the land

Santa, bring me a Dalek
It's round and cool and tough
Santa, bring me a Dalek
It's got balls, and that's enough

Santa, bring me a Dalek
Right now, it's not too late
Santa, bring me a Dalek
I will ex-ter-mi-nate!

happy christmas to all!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I want to hear this in heavy rotation next Christmas season!

hipspinster said...

me too. and i've been promised music for two years now, but so far it still ain't happened.

nuixen marketing said...
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