Monday, September 21, 2009

midnite dog

we interrupt this lack of service to make an announcement of epic proportions. epic RAWK proportions, that is ... the imperial dogs website is live at last!

long before i ever knew him or was even an adult, my main man don waller was involved in some sort of voodoo experiment with amplifiers, musical instruments, leather, chains, fur pants, and shock value. the imperial dogs had the misfortune of being ahead of their time, but they did do the original version of "this ain't the summer of love," more famously recorded by blue oyster cult. and they also impressed iggy pop.

anyway. but the point of the new website is, now there's a DVD of the group's live shenanigans, captured on B&W videotape in long beach on october 30, 1974 ... almost 35 years ago. and let me tell you, people -- i mean, i know i'm biased, but you've gotta see this thing. it is just, like, totally fierce and completely balls-out. the between-song banter alone is simply killin'. for a taste, visit the site to check out a couple of clips, or click the links above. it's an hour long, with a lush booklet full of history and lots of color pix (like the fetching one above of 23-year-old d-dub on stage), not to mention un-PC imagery, angry rants, dancing fools, and partial nudity. so don't turn it up too loud if you're at work.


Beth Talbert said...

Natalie--we've never met but I feel I know you. I stumbled across your blog, happily. Nice to see you had good things to say about Don and the Dogs.

Beth Talbert (friend of d-dub and the ID)

PS: Firefly?

hipspinster said...

thanks, beth!

firefly, sure. i don't love it as much as buffy, but i wish it could have gone on longer. did you see the movie?

Beth Talbert said...

Yes, then I had about a week-long fight with another fan about if it came before or after (the story chronologically) before learning neither, but "based on." It is fantastic.

I have the Buffy seasons on DVD but have never seen one. I'm coming to Joss Whedon stuff late.

Say hey to D.