Thursday, May 14, 2009

it was a very good year

let us now praise famous 78-year-olds in beloved sci-fi franchises:

* the new star trek movie has lots to enjoy, but my favorite part was getting to see leonard nimoy (born march 26, 1931) play spock one more time. he reflects on the role and trek in an l.a. times article that's actually pretty decent.

* the UK's daily mail has a big feature on (WARNING: IF YOU CLICK OR EVEN ROLL OVER THIS LINK YOU WILL BE SPOILED ABOUT A CHARACTER IN ONE OF THE UPCOMING DOCTOR WHO SPECIALS) the actress claire bloom (b. february 15, 1931), who will help usher out david tennant as the doctor. the article mostly focuses on her tumultuous romantic life -- her first time ever was with richard burton, wowee -- but it's pretty interesting stuff. (the above gorgeous vintage photo of her is nicked from the article.)

* william shatner (b. march 22, 1931), the original captain james t. kirk, didn't get to be in the new trek, but writers roberto orci and alex kurtzman did work out a way to include him. it didn't pan out, but at least they tried.

bonus! another awesome sci-fi icon born in 1931: james earl jones (the original voice of darth vader).

a very good year, indeed. "sing" it, bill (click title link above for a shatnerific take on the sinatra classic)!

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