Monday, April 20, 2009


someone tell my brother not to look at this post b/c ... SNAKE!

i spotted this rather amazing specimen (no idea what it is, but isn't it BIG?) on the ground below my office window this afternoon -- a nice, far-off 4-5 feet down. i think it might've been disturbed by the guys with weedwhackers who came to finish cutting the brush out back. and it was HOT enough today that even a cold-blooded critter would seek some shade. wowee, it's big. did i mention? (i'm not really afraid of snakes in a girly-screamy way ... unlike my bro, ahaha ... i like watching them, and gawked at this one quite a bit before it finally slithered off. but they definitely weird me out on some primal level.)

anyway, yeah. it's spring in the canyon. perhaps most spectacularly, we've had bees swarming and swirling in the air currents and tree branches high above the street. but also there's been the cheeky red squirrel on the patio. lizard poop on the windowsill. critters scuttling about the chimney. and now the snake. all that's missing is a midnight teenage coyote chorus!


Anonymous said...

I think that's a bull snake...most cool! Your cousin MV

hipspinster said...

deborah said she thought it was a gopher snake (of course she went and looked up a website of cali snakes), and it looks like the markings match, but idk. whatever it was, it was BEEG!! even my friend from texas thought so, haha.

hipspinster said...

apparently, a bull snake and a gopher snake are the same thing, so there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Squirrel says: here's the helpful CA snake-ID site: It carefully points out the differences between a gopher snake and the somewhat similarly marked rattlesnake. Including the rattles, of course. Then it mentions that gopher snakes sometimes rattle leaves with their tails to make a similar sound. Perhaps they figured out it works for those other guys.