Friday, November 28, 2008

set the fire to the third dalek ... er, bar

i am a slug. i have done almost nothing today (except a little work and a lot of hanging around the outpost gallifrey message board), and i don't feel arsed to. i blame the turkey.

00soul and i had a low-key thanksgiving for two. i still set the table nice (see above; all food in this post by 00soul, all photos by moi), but various snafus resulted in us being by our lonesome. which we actually rather liked. we deep-fried a turkey, which came out great:

we had some favorite sides, including bacon & clam stuffing; sliced roasted sweet potatoes drizzle with olive oil, garlic, sage, and lemon; cranberry sauce with tart cherries; steamed asparagus; and pan gravy. while prepping the food and table, i played snow patrol's eyes open ... for some reason i am currently in love with the song "set the fire to the third bar," which is sort of a morose tune to be playing on thanksgiving, but it made me think of loved ones far away, which most of them are. during dinner, i played joe henry's civilians, which has taken on a much different feel since obama won the presidency, i must say. interesting.

we were thankful for each other, and for our furry friend sconser (who hid under the bedcovers while we played music, b/c music freaks her out), and for having a better year than expected due to our own personal bringer of hope, barak (with no "c"). and we were thankful that it didn't rain, since one cannot deep-fry a turkey on the patio in the rain. and of course we were also thankful for barack WITH a "c," b/c it is nice to look forward with hope rather than dread for once (despite the rough days to come).

after eating dinner, we immediately went into a food coma, and had to recover for an hour or so before having dessert: walnut-raisin pie with homemade whipped cream. THAT was pretty fantastic too:

oops, forgot to take a shot with the whipped cream on it. (i had a piece for second breakfast today; ohboy, good.) anyway, then we finished off the wine, and 00soul played some of the vintage 45s he bought off ebay this year. he never did manage to snag "impeach the president," and now it seems rather beside the point, doesn't it? (not to be confused with neil young's "let's impeach the president," BTW.)

anyway ... after he crashed, i watched a doctor who episode featuring the third doctor, called "death to the daleks." three wears a bombass ensemble of red-trimmed black jacket and grey ruffled shirt as he and sarah jane smith stumble around a quarry avoiding some creepy aliens and some rather naff-looking recycled daleks (which at least do blow up real good) while trying to figure out how to restore power to the seemingly dead TARDIS. SJS does a lot of that tough-while-quivering thing that i just love, and there's a nice moment where three tells her that if he doesn't come back, she has to go with the other humans. but of course they both kick ass, so no need for that.

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Lord Zim said...

Thanks for the thanks, Nat. I give thanks for you two too. Hope I can gin up the hope agin in January.