Thursday, July 31, 2008

dance along the edge

oh. right. there was a 5.4 earthquake in socal two days ago. i noticed a lot of my friends blogged about it -- even the ones who claimed not to really be arsed. and my dad called to find out if i was ok. i didn't call him back till the next day. (sorry, dad!)

hmmm. apparently i've lived here so long that such things barely even register anymore. i mean, i did feel it, and when the second bounce was bigger than the first i even got into the doorway (cuz it was right next to my chair). and i laughed at the cat, who dove under the coffee table and then came out ready to fight whatever it was that was shakin' her domain. but, yknow. here in the canyon the lights didn't flicker, nothing fell, the internet stayed on, and cell service was all ok. (even at the epicenter, damage wasn't horrible.) la vie continue.

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