Saturday, June 28, 2008

it's all over now, baby blue

i guess it would be good if i could write more posts about things other than doctor who, but, well, it's my frickin' blog. as the penultimate episode of this season approaches, i'm wondering what will happen and trying desperately not to get spoiled. i am soooo curious, but i want to be surprised.

whispers on the wind keep suggesting there will be sadness. the last ep (airing a week from today) is called "journey's end," so that seems likely. true, the end of every season thus far has had an ominous title ("the parting of the ways," "doomsday," and "the last of the time lords," respectively). and also, in some way or other, has been sad. but "journey's end" ... well. it seems likely to leave someone in tears (possibly me). it could mean that donna is gonna die (and thus her journey with the doctor comes to an end). it could just mean that donna is gonna stop traveling with the doctor (and thus, ditto). it could refer to rose's season-long quest to find the doctor being at an end (although for some reason i doubt she will die). it probably DOESN'T mean that sarah jane is going to die, cuz she's got a new season of her own show. and same goes for jack, who can't die anyway. and it fucking BETTER NOT mean that martha's gonna die, b/c that would just be WRONG. and, anyway, she has to join torchwood, no?

i'm going to stay optimistic and say it means donna is going to stop traveling with the doctor, but she isn't going to die. please. so much of this year has been about, ZOMG, rose is coming back! but y'know what?? i don't fucking care about blondie anymore. still love her, but she had her time. and now it's all about donna. so, don't kill donna, OK????

anyway, this week's ep is called "the stolen earth," so that seems fairly straightforward: earth gets stolen. i guess perhaps it becomes one of the "lost" planets? still pretty sure there are daleks. but how do the bees fit into all this? and WTF is the shadow proclamation, anyway?

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