Sunday, May 04, 2008


i had the weirdest dream last night, and must blame it on an overdose of doctor who. it's always interesting to note how one's subconscious mixes stuff up.

first i watched a couple of sarah jane adventures, and then "the poison sky," the latest who ep from the UK. sontarans, burning skies, the doctor at one point running around with what vaguely resembled a futuristic mortar ... wild stuff.

then, as the cherry on top, i had a DVD of the fourth-doctor serial "city of death" -- in which the doctor and romana II go to paris! which, as i am gonna be there in less than a month, i found quite cool. they did a lot of running (and i mean running) around a whole lotta historical sites -- the eiffel tower, the louvre, notre dame, the arc de triomphe, etc. the story was co-written by douglas adams of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy fame (and included a brief cameo by john cleese! who appeared with veteran british actress eleanor bron as a pair of gallery visitors admiring the TARDIS as a work of art). it was a typically zany old-school who, involving several copies of the mona lisa and a rubber-headed monster called scaroth, who had splintered into 12 different versions of himself across earth history after his spaceship blew up on ultra-prehistoric earth. he had been biding his time for four hundred million years or something, waiting for the day when he could build a thingy that would let him go back to the moment when he pushed the button in his spaceship that caused it to blow up -- so he wouldn't push it, and thus he and his race would be saved.

that, of course, was a dumb idea -- as everybody knows, you can't go back. anyway, scaroth successfully disguised himself as human, but eventually his true squishy rubber-headed nature was revealed (see above; photo nicked from the BBC official classic who site).

both whos had more than the average amount of guns being pointed at the doctor -- which was sorta synchronicitous, as each incarnation commented/complained about this in his respective way. and the tom baker one also had a british detective character, duggan, who reminded me a lot of gene hunt from life on mars -- always punching people, smashing through walls and doors and windows, and generally being macho to the nth degree in his tan raincoat. in fact, his final punch saves the whole entire world.

ok, so. the dream:

in it, i was asleep in bed in my house and was awakened by flashes of bright light outside. i opened the blinds and saw several yellow/orange fires blazing on the hill that is our backyard. more and more of them sparked up -- it was quite frightening. i yelled something and grabbed my phone to call 911. don woke up and jumped up and ran outside, fully dressed. just as i connected to the operator, all the fires went out, and don was outside sifting through the glowing embers. needless to say, this was confusing.

then another fire flared up and i saw a figure striding down the hill toward the house from the south side of the yard -- it looked like a monster with a sort of gorilla/reptilian head, and it was carrying a mortar. this was pretty freaky, so i called 911 again, and opened the sliding door to let don inside. then the figure looked more like a regular man with combat paint all over his face. cut to inside the house, and the painted guy had an accomplice who was just a regular dude, but he had a gun and was going to kill us. don had a gun too, and he got the drop on the guy and held it to the back of his head. and i was yelling "shoot him, shoot him!" so he pulled the trigger, and there was a flash of red light, but the guy just kind of started clicking, like he was a robot or something and the bullet made him malfunction instead of die.

i was still on the phone with 911, telling them we were under attack. and then don said, "i'm shot!" but i didn't see that. suddenly the front door burst open, and a bunch of women paramedics rushed in. all was confusion, and then the KITCHEN door burst open, and these, like, i don't know how else to describe them but as zombie-biker nurses? anyway, they rushed in and started taking over. i think one of them said, "we're switching it up!" and everything got really chaotic, and i think one of them attacked one of the paramedics. and the dying paramedic said, "you can have my wig."

and then i woke up.

wiggy, indeed.

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