Saturday, December 29, 2007

christmas all over again

this week in citybeat, i have a look back at some notable things about comics in 2007.

my christmas was great. we had a small gathering of good friends that night -- food, drink, conversation, music, and silly hats -- and my best gifts included a new suitcase (from 00soul), a lovely homemade black scarf and matching handwarmers (from coiledsoul), and ... no dalek, but i did receive my very own doctor who doll (from the doc), complete with tiny sonic screwdriver and miniature cream-colored hightops. ahahaha. it's awesome.

speaking of the doctor, tonight i saw the doctor who christmas special. it was very poseidon adventure. goofy and scary and tragic. lots 'n' lots of angst for the doctor. kylie minogue playing a girl with a TARDIS-anagram name (another blonde to remind him of rose). and the time lord in a tux again! yay.

when it does air here officially, the episode will be little more than a cult jam for sci fi or BBC america. but in the u.k. it was a smash success, and something like half the viewing public watched it. ahahaha. that's awesome.

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meme said...

Wait, that was Kylie Minogue? Holy shit! She looks fifty. Is she fifty? WOW. NO IDEA. Well, that explains why the character looked so short.

It was my favorite Christmas Special yet, I think. Torchwood tonight!