Friday, July 27, 2007

in a better world

once upon a time, back in the days when only a handful of people gave a shit about punk rock, there was an l.a. band called the screamers. often lamented as a lost band of the local scene, it is slowly coming to light thanks to modern technology and the living memory of folks from those days.

one of those folks is photographer jenny lens (link to her awesome website at right). she sent me this totally bitchen 1977 shot she took of two tattoo pioneers at the screamers' party for the damned. at right is screamers leader tomata du plenty (gone from us now these seven years; i met him through pleasant gehman in the '90s, and he was funny and nice) and at left is my very own mainman, agent 00soul. whotta dandy, eh?

this photo wasn't a random bestowal but a bribe (just kidding, jenny!!) to get coverage for an upcoming event, which should be of interest to anyone who loves to rummage around in the dust of those old days (cuz you never know what you'll find). so check it out:

“gift for the screamers” opens saturday, aug. 4, and runs through aug. 25 at RAID projects gallery (in the brewery at 602 moulton ave., l.a.), presented by artist-in-residence craig leonard and special guest punk photographer jenny lens. it will feature rare archival music, photos, and video footage of the "legendary l.a. synth-punk band."

here's a summary:

Craig Leonard's project "Gift for the Screamers" sets out to locate the former members of the Screamers in order to give them copies of "lost" demo recordings, uncovered in a Canadian audio archive, which he then hand-pressed into vinyl records within the gallery space. During their active years (1977-81) the Screamers played several electrifying live shows but never released an official record. Craig's sculptural installation will include multiples of the handmade albums as well as remnants of the record-making process. "Gift for the Screamers" is a continuation of Craig's research-based gift projects.

reception is the opening saturday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. you'll find more info here and here.

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