Friday, June 15, 2007

tulsa time

in oklahoma, they bury cars to celebrate statehood. specifically, this rusty 1957 plymouth belvedere, unearthed today in tulsa. it was buried on the occasion of the sooner state's 50th statehood anniversary, dug up on its hundredth. (AP was there to snap this photo.) the concrete bunker didn't keep the car from deteriorating, but the time capsule in the trunk was pristine.

i love this part:

The contents of a "typical" woman's handbag, including 14 bobby pins, lipstick and a bottle of tranquilizers, were supposed to be in the glove box, but all that was found looked like a lump of rotted leather.

speaking of handbags and vintage automobiles, in the new nancy drew movie, she drives a sky blue nash metropolitan. (my citybeat review.) and she could probably fashion one wicked sleuthing aid from the contents of the "typical" 1957 tulsa woman's handbag.

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