Sunday, May 06, 2007

everyday superhero

we've seen them in comics, we've seen them in movies, we've seen them on tv. people crave them more than ever. this is the age of superheroes, and now they walk among us.

chris guardian has a myspace page, and so do some of these other superheroes. (i wonder if l.a. has any superheroes?) i must admit that polar man has a certain adorable practicality and kindness, but i'm drawn most to terrifica. (that's her up there.) she has a classic superhero backstory. and she's been around for a while.

terrifica clearly has issues, and her story is a little poignant, but i feel like i'm reading about the newly tested theory of warp drive or something. these people playing costumed heroes may simply be a little nuts -- and their powers may seem pedestrian -- yet they are like crackpot pioneers. but even if they aren't the absurd progenitors of future mutant champions and/or near-super human vigilantes, i dig their flair in bringing a little theater into their lives, and into the world as well.


Marc Weingarten said...

hey you - good luck in freelance-land

Anonymous said...

I can say that she's not nuts at all. Merely an artist exploring different forms of self-expression. You can see samples of her work here. It's very dense.