Tuesday, April 03, 2007

lavender blue

the jacaranda trees tease. every day as i drive to work along martel, their greyish branches whisper "purple." so clearly that i scan my rearview mirror after i've passed, hoping for a glimpse of the magical canopy-to-come. but so far, nothing but the faintest of hints, almost an illusion.

they are a favorite thing of mine, and it seems like they are late in blooming, and i am eager for their company. i found this picture on a japanese website called prosoundcommunications.com. the street sure looks like l.a. to me, although i don't think it's martel. seems too wide. but this is the effect i yearn for: the living lavender tunnel with the street and grass all smeared violet. i know it's a mess on the cars, but ... so fairylike and pretty.


Mick said...

It really does look like Martel to me, between Romaine and Willoughby, but your probably right. It would be too much of conincidence, although streets can look wider to some lenses.

s said...

Wow. Those are absolutely lovely!