Sunday, January 14, 2007


* lady sovereign played at the el rey w/o incident last wednesday. after the requisite too-much-buildup by her DJ and band, she came out on crutches and with her arm in a sling -- a joke on the last time she appeared here, when she was so sick she fell apart in mid-show. those props were soon cast aside, of course, and she offered up the fake-tanner diss "tango" along with "love me or hate me" and the party-combat tune "the broom," among others. a much better experience for everyone.

* but my game is off. i'm losing the two-person football pool to 00soul for the first time in ... a while. it sucks. i really thought the chargers would beat the pats. (it wasn't just b/c i wanted the pats to lose ... honest.) and we were both wrong about the ravens. oh, well. at least the saints won, although i didn't relish rooting against the eagles. i want the saints to go all the way, and i keep thinking it's going to be pats/saints at the super bowl. we'll see.

* finally caught up to the end of doctor who s2 and the departure of rose tyler. what is it about heroic blonde chicks that makes me cry, man? it was a fitting farewell to the intrepid shopgirl, but a fate worse than death in a way. i dunno. maybe that's just me. anyway, she's certainly not out of reach, so perhaps she'll return some day. like sarah jane did. in the meantime the UK already has the episodes with the new companion, i think. she has some big adidas to fill.

* actually, doctor who is a really weird and wonderful show. it's totally insane and juvenile and goofy, and sometimes i don't know why i bother watching it. yet it always has this current of darkness and loss that is truly seductive and strange ... a thread of true horror that befits the time lord's backstory as the last of his kind, survivor of a terrible war, etc. etc. but it's a little bit disconcerting how brief a window one gets in which to recover from, say, the permanent separation of rose and the doctor, before some freaky ghost-bride shows up on the bridge of the TARDIS and starts demanding to know what the hell's going on. forcing the doc to dry his tears and become eternally inquisitive once again. it's a renegade time lord's burden, i s'pose.

* i became obsessed with a song called "let's get rid of new york" by the randoms. i included it on this classic punk-rock compilation i made for my sister for christmas. which was on my ipod, so i could play it over and over and over. which i did. b/c it's a perfect, pogo-worthy, sarcastic word-bomb of a tune, absurd-yet-scathing. it's old, like from '78 or something? i couldn't find the lyrics online so i figured them out myself. all but one line. apparently yo la tengo covered it in the '90s or something. hah. that's funny for some reason.


Groovin' Dan said...

Yeah, bummer about the Chargers. I really wanted a Chargers-Bears Super Bowl, but now a Pats-Colts Brady-Manning circle jerk seems most likely. Yawn.

writegang said...

hey nice redesign glad to see youre off the schnide....(did i use that word right?)
marc w