Monday, January 08, 2007

(i'm) stranded

stupidly, i accepted blogger at its word that they're "out of beta" and into the real deal with this new blogger whatever-the-fuck. not to mention i succumbed to the veiled threat that eventually it will simply port me over against my will.

yeah, well ... guess what? the new blogger sucks. oh, sure, everything went swimmingly when i ported over -- except you can no longer view my archives. there is nothing about not being able to view one's archives in the decidedly UN-helpful "help" section. in fact "archives" isn't addressed at all. indeed, rather than providing users with quick-n-easy ways to figure out and fix what (if any) template mods they might've made that are not translating, google/blogger tells you to choose a new template. i've looked at the code, and can't see anything wrong with it. in fact i don't think i ever even modified the "archives" part of my template. all the other parts that i have modified ported over just fine. great. happy fucking new year.

fuck you, google. and fuck you too, blogger.

EDIT: and it wants me to pick a new template if i want to do all i can do with the new blogger! and every single-motherfuckin'-ONE-of-them was designed by a man. (my old one was designed by a woman.) i repeat: FUCK YOU, GOOGLE AND BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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