Tuesday, August 29, 2006

you just have to be crazy

deadwood is a show on HBO. maybe you've heard of it. it's an intermittent obsession of mine ... although i am only caught up as far as the end of season 2. (so no spoilers, please.) there is much to say about deadwood ... which is why it's the perfect subject for haiku.

and so, by popular demand (thanks, jenn!), i present my deadwood haiku. minimalism is not easy for me; that may show. they are untitled, come to think of it. (too minimal?) my favorite is number three. but number one is fun too.

hey you cocksucker
i ain't no inebriate
i'm a fuckin' drunk!

swidgen feeds my pigs
he's a warrior like me
but i don't trust him

does anybody
possess quite so stiff a back
as sheriff bullock?

wild bill saved my claim
i stayed for the child, and ... him
now i stay for me

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