Tuesday, July 25, 2006

champagne supernova II

in my haste to post yesterday's exhaustive catalog of the sir ian experience, i left out one of the weirdest details.

CS and i were standing there by the non-burning fire pit, enjoying the occasional breeze and gawking about. i turned and looked down at the stone rim of the pit, where suddenly a single torn-out page from a book had appeared. before i looked at it i knew it was a page from the bible -- it had that crinkly tissue-paper feeling. when i held it closer i saw it was a page from the old testament book of leviticus ... specifically, chapters 18-19, which deals with all that jazz about "uncovering" various people's "nakedness" and such. it includes, of course, the edict of verse 22, "'you shall not lie wiuth a male as with a woman. it is an abomination.'"

we both caught our breath a little and looked at each other. we were both thinking, what a strange page of the bible to bring to this party. sir ian had briefly brandished a gideon bible on stage; perhaps this page came from it, i couldn't say for sure, although the size was right. maybe it was some sort of joke? anyway, i decided to take it with me ... partly b/c i didn't want to leave it lying around. you never know what impressionable youngsters will think about a thing like that.


Jenn said...

i can't believe i forgot to tell you about this. a couple of weekends ago i was parusing the magazine racks of the B & N in the grove and came across a brief interview with Sir Ian in a magzine who's name i forget. in it, he said that everytime he stays in a hotel room with a bible in it, he purposely RIPS OUT the page of Leviticus with the passage against gays in it. So yeah, that was probably from his hotel room.

nn said...

kick ASS!! that's amazing. on so many levels.

thanks for remembering to share.