Tuesday, May 16, 2006


feeling crappy? a bit fuzzy-headed? slightly rundown? me too, but i'm cured now. (except i think i might be getting sick -- fuck!)

last night i went over to hang with the doc for a while -- and if anyone hasn't noticed that he's back, well ... he's back -- after a day in which i felt curiously blah and out of sorts, despite lack of hangover or drama other obvious physical/mental vexations. (i was, however, kind of having a wardrobe meltdown and really hating the new skirt i had on.) we stared at the king of new york with the sound down and christopher walken lookin' young and crazy, laurence fishburne in ridiculous bling, david caruso with red hair, and steve buscemi once again blending into his character (i never recognize him in movies but he is always great). i recommend watching this film with sound, however, as i had never seen it before and had no fuckin' idea what was happening. although the violence was lovely. and occasionally hilarious. it seemed like at the end christopher walken turned into the terminator for a while, which reminded me of tom cruise in collateral. but that's free-association for ya.

anyway. we were talking and listening to music, and the doc put on this "roots of punk" comp that came with the new issue of mojo. ahhhhhh, the classics. although the doc wondered aloud how can was part of the roots of punk. but there was also iggy and the stooges, t. rex, the new york dolls, and eddie and the motherfuckin' cruisers!!! raw power, meeeaannn. and it made me feel better. b/c to me punk rock is soul music. (no, i ain't hatin'. i also love soul music, 'k?)

this morning i didn't feel quite so crappy but still a bit meh. i recently devised another jury-rigged sound system for the car, as i have many more pressing operations to pay for before we get to the cosmetic surgery. so i dialed up the hives on the ipod and cranked up the speakers to just-below-distort. "abra cadaver" started me on the healing path, but it was "two-timing touch and broken bones" that really made me sing hallelujah! another rock 'n' roll miracle.

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Big PoZer said...

feeling crappy? a bit fuzzy-headed? slightly rundown?

Yes. But I may not be cured of that for another 18 years.

Happy belated birthday to you, almost twin.