Tuesday, June 07, 2005

heart of stone

sometimes you just gotta say, "what the fuck?"

mark hacking, the lying asshole from utah who killed his wife when she found out -- in the course of unwittingly perpetuating his lies -- that he was lying, was sentenced today to six years to life. i hope it's life. anyway, the WTF comes in with his defense attorney's rationale, after the sentencing, for why this caring and considerate husband did his wife in (quoted from the salt lake tribune):

"This was a killing, in Mark's words, of love," [defense attorney Gilbert] Athay told reporters.

Lori's discovery of her husband's lies was painful for them both, Athay said. Following a two-hour "discussion," Lori went to bed and Hacking continued packing - until he came across his .22-caliber rifle.

"He loved Lori so much, he wanted to relieve her of the pain she was feeling," Athay explained, and the rifle appeared to be the solution.

now, admittedly, this lawyer was desperate, but WHAT THE FUCK?? the man shot his wife while she slept b/c he couldn't face up to his own bullshit. yeah, it was a killing of love -- of self-love for mark. then he could preserve his precious facade a little while longer. he "wanted to relieve her of the pain she was feeling" -- like it was a terminal illness or something!! instead of just the misfortune of hooking up with a world-class dickhead and suddenly having this fact revealed to her in brilliant living color. yeah, he loved her so much he had to shoot her and stuff her body in a dumpster. all to save himself from the truth. a great love, indeed.

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