Monday, May 23, 2005

age ain't nothing but a number

i am 40. fuck me. and fuck you!!

so what? it doesn't feel any different. but it's only been 36 minutes or something.

still, i don't mind being 40. age is such a thing people obsess over. and me too. i am always curious about how old people are. i dunno why i find that such an essential piece of information. b/c it is basically meaningless, like what is your sign? it may tell you some things about someone. but it may just as easily not. still, age. hollywood has such an uneasy relationship with it. nobody wants to say how old they are. even rock bands ... even guys in rock bands at times have not wanted to disclose their ages during interviews i have done. i mostly find that hilarious, but it is kind of sad. according to the conventional wisdom, guys improve with age, but suddenly they can't even take advantage of their privilege? shit, what good is it running the world if you can't escape lying about your age?

funnily enough, so many people have hastened to tell me i don't look 40. well, i dunno. maybe not. but i don't feel like i look 25, either, which was actually asserted by someone. that's just flattery. i think i look 40, and that's ok. a well-moisturized 40, but still 40. i am almost used to it: for-tee. for-tee. forty.

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Annika said...

You know what I think it is? We all remember our mothers being 40, and since our mothers will always be X years older than us, 40 sounds old. When our friends turn 40 and it turns out that 40 isn't old, we can't reconcile the two ideas, so therefore you do not look 40.

Happy birthday.