Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the beekeeper

i reviewed the above-titled tori amos album recently. during the period of time that i was listening to it feverishly, trying to assess it, one night i dreamed a dream that could only have been influenced by hearing the album and reading her whole rap on bees and hives and six-sided things. which i am currently too tired to find a link to.

in the dream i had six points of strength on my abs, and they looked like small six-sided knobs under my skin. each had a small, round center point. and they seemed to form some kind of larger six-sided shape by their placement, but i can't remember. mainly i remember the way they stretched out my skin. that was wiggy. but having these things made me feel powerful.

thank you, tori amos. that was one of the weirdest dreams i've had in a while.

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