Wednesday, November 03, 2004

all things must pass

my country 'tis of thee -- 'tis not of me. america just lost a populist. i'm done with you people. i mean, last time you got ripped off. this time ... you asked for this? you wanted it? then you get what you deserve. you want bush to fling your children into the fires of this bullshit holy war -- let them burn. you want to watch your jobs go south and north and east and west -- wave bye-bye. you want to die horribly from a preventable disease b/c you don't have health care -- enjoy the pain.

suffer now, america. suffer and learn. oh, wait. you won't.

oh, the delicious, bitter irony. a nation founded on religious freedom, undone by religious fanaticism. you preach inclusion; you practice intolerance. no wonder this country has embraced preemptive war -- it works equally well on ragheads and faggots. you can't face what we've become, so you pretend we're still good and right and brave and true. we are so not. we are the assholes of the world. but it's ok, because bush is god's man, right? fine. now, lie back and let him rape you dry. i'm sure it will be an ecstatic experience. after all, it's what god wanted.

as for those who think it's time for the healing to begin: you don't get it. the people who voted for bush do not give a rat's ass about you. and now they don't even have to pretend they do. this is their america. not yours. what used to be no longer applies. mark my words -- there will be no compromising. there will only be more doublespeak and more death. if you believe otherwise, you are sadly, sadly mistaken. what? you think it can't get worse? it can, and it will. you can't reason with lunatics. you cannot educate the willfully ignorant. and they have the numbers on their side now. they will define reality. you lose. we lose. everyone loses. and i say, let it all go up in flames.

america is dead. long live america.


Jenn said...

Dude, that was harsh. Throwing babies on fires? Bush is ignorant, not evil. Leaving won't change anything. Staying and fighting might.

nn said...

dude, where did i say anything about "throwing babies on fires"? i am frankly surprised at your amazingly literal-minded interpretation of an obviously metaphorical statement about the fact that many more of america's youth will be dying in this stupid war, and the people who voted for bush apparently don't give a shit.

also, i never said i was leaving. did you think that when i said "america just lost a populist" and "i'm done with you people" that i meant i was leaving? that's the only thing i can figure. i meant, of course, that i am no longer a populist.

also, bush is NOT ignorant. and he is very probably evil.

thank you for your comment.