Saturday, October 16, 2004

stormy weather

it's raining. i go back to work on monday. it seems i got my little piece of summer, after all. the weather was great the whole two weeks -- even at the beach. i went to a rock show (mark lanegan at the el rey) and took 00soul out for sushi (at the fabulous asanebo). ran lots of errands. drank many rounds with pals at a funky-cool valley place called nobar. woke up late the next day and felt very logey, so i laid around the house and read the latest charles de lint novel my sister gave me, someplace to be flying. i finished most of this huge book in one day. it felt like i was a kid in summertime again, spending all day absorbed in some other world. and it was a wonderful tale, an urban fantasy full of magic, myth, and emotion. the story is about an epic struggle of sorts, with a wide range of people caught up in it. but the book focuses on the small things too: the ways the relationships develop; who people are, and the different personalities. the smaller struggles tie into the bigger one, but somehow de lint gives them all at least a moment of resonance. most of his characters have some connection to the myths he uses (a lot of native american and celtic folklore), even if it's not believing in them. he brings these myths to life in the modern world, thus kind of simultaneously proving their durability and perpetuating them. yet it's not derivative -- it's very creative, what he does with these old tales. the way he pulls together all the threads of modern and ancient is fascinating. and also makes for a great read.

finally, today we attended the wedding of a lovely young couple we know. it was held at the silent movie theatre, a rare location for a rare pair. the bride was ... what is the word? oh, yes. effulgent. truly beautiful in sleek white satin, a row of covered buttons down the back, a shawl to complete and complement the strapless gown. the groom wore a spiffy suit replete with fancy vest and genuine crocodile cowboy boots. they had a poster in the lobby "promoting" their wedding like a movie, and they passed out copies of the (exceedingly eclectic) wedding soundtrack to each guest. clever. after the ceremony -- which included a reading from the "song of solomon" as well as a rather brutally realistic (though lightly and lovingly delivered) discourse by the preacher on how marriage really is -- we gathered on the back patio for lunch, in a sort of spanish seafood vein, with paella and olives and spanish ham and all sorts of delicious things. not to mention white or red sangria, loaded with fruit, and some sort of brandy-laced spanish coffee. the usual congratulations and taking of photos ensued. i mingled with the familiar faces and met a couple of new ones, which was nice. too bad 00soul and i didn't realize how quickly time would pass, however, and ended up having to leave before the toast or cake-cutting. oh, well. it was fun, and nice to be included in a happy event.

i feel like i certainly had my fun. now i just stay home, getting organized and preparing myself to plunge back into the working week. it's going to rain and be cool for the next several days. i'm glad (even though i'll have to put the top up, after weeks and weeks of having it down). i like the sense of transition. i was going to characterize this much-needed break as my own personal indian summer, but mr. webster says indian summer is "a period of warm or mild weather in late autumn or early winter." well, it's not even been autumn for a month, so i don't think that qualifies. but, as one of my pre-vacation laments had been having to spend most of the summer trapped in CB's ivory tower, it was a great delight that i got to enjoy sunny days and warm nights.

the rain is pouring into the canyon, making the street slick and treacherous, sometimes dwindling to a misty trickle, other times rattling down so hard the bouncing drops create a low, wet fog just above the pavement. the small critters are probably curled up tight in their holes ... probably, too, the bigger ones. the clouds and moist air earlier today made me think the season now truly turns to autumn. it's a good time to reflect on a lot of things. to anticipate and try to effect change, which is sorely needed in so many vast and minuscule ways. but also to remember that it's important to have fun, despite woes and worries both local and global.

and leisure can be a motivator of sorts. i find i'm quite good at lounging. i'd do it all the time if i could afford to. hmmm ... maybe i should figure out a way to afford to.

see? leisure as motivator.

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