Monday, March 29, 2004

lone justice

i have jury duty this week. so far i have only had to call in; monday i did not have to show, and i don't have to go tomorrow, either. which is a relief, of course. but i have to call in again tuesday night and see about wednesday. it is like playing the lottery every day, winning, but still having to lay all money down and spin again. up to three more spins to go.

i have done my civic duty several times now, only once serving on a jury, as an alternate in a civil case. it was interesting, mainly for the weird intersections of people on the jury, and the courtroom "drama" had its moments. during deliberations i had to sit in the jury lounge or whatever and wait. i couldn't actually be in on that part. i was just around in case someone got sick or something. i heard all the testimony but didn't get to vote. not the most satisfying participatory moment of my life, but ... somebody's gotta do it.

i have met some interesting humans in the judicial cattle call, including a lawyer for that religion ... the one invented by a science-fiction writer? based in hollywood? what's it called again? science ... something. (let's play thwarting the search engines.) anyway. that was a chilling but fascinating encounter.

it is surprising who will encourage you to get out of jury duty. a lawyer, recently. also, a degenerate author/columnist. and an allegedly responsible businessman. yet i tend to take the view of 00soul, who opines as to how, should the occasion ever possibly arise, he doesn't want to be facing a jury of people who couldn't get out of it.

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