Wednesday, February 04, 2004

super, thanks for asking

it seems almost pointless to write about the super bowl now, but i wanted to note that the game itself, despite the slow start in the first half, was pretty damn exciting. yes, the panthers lost, which was a major bummer, but they almost won -- and they beat the spread, so ha ha HAH.

still, although i didn't root for the patriots, if i were that team or their fans i'd be pissed about how this whole stupid halftime-show flap has completely overshadowed their victory.

and how fuckin' moronic can one country be? this sustained outrage over janet jackson's right breast being exposed. it's been days, people. can't we move on? folks should have been outraged by the complete crap quality of the whole halftime show. tiny sound-bite versions of old hits by mostly lip-syncing performers ... lame dancing ... janet jackson's whole last-samurai getup ... kid rock literally wrapping himself in the flag. sheesh.

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