Saturday, December 27, 2003


woke from a dream where i was in a terrible realm
all my sails were ablaze, i was chained to the helm
and now i am overwhelmed, i'm overwhelmed...

there is much to say, but i don't feel like writing. i have a whole essay to write about "the return of the king." but there was something more pressing this morning, something about this grant lee buffalo tune, quoted above. i was just listening to the album it's on, "mighty joe moon," this morning on the way to work. grant is a great poet. the song before this, "lone star song," is about waco. he just has a way with a turn of phrase. something about "disciples with artillery..." -- good shit.

anyway, i guess it was just a combination of this mad holiday schedule and the generally crazed state of the world. a lot of natural disasters going on right now -- big earthquake in iran killing they say 20,000. mudslides locally, up in the mountains where the fires were earlier. something about an avalanche in utah. to say nothing of the war. it's all pretty much a terrible realm right now.

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