Monday, August 18, 2003

In Loving Memory of a Name...

this post after a long silence is inspired by the amazing cecile d. (whose name i am not sure i have even spelled right), an incredible young person of my acquaintance who is big with the blogging. she likes "buffy" too, so right away we had a lot in common. anyway, i read her blog, and she puts so much stuff on there! i was impressed. and somewhat awestruck by how much goes on behind those storm-colored eyes of hers. yeah.

it's also b/c i just learned today that an old friend died about a year and a half ago. his name was michael frym. born some time in 1952, died march 28, 2002. i don't know what from, but he was hiv-positive for a long, long time. we lost touch after we stopped working together. he was always healthy, fighting to keep his t-cells up, and he had good insurance, so he was lucky, i guess. but...i dunno. i am assuming that hiv/aids was the reason. he could've killed himself (not likely), or been hit by a bus, or anything. but something tells me, not. anyway, i had tried to get in touch with him recently, via an email address i found that was definitely his. i never got a message back saying the account was disconnected or anything...but i figured he must be gone, or really sick, if he didn't even try to write back. he was a fun, sensitive, very complex person. i didn't know him nearly as well as i should have. as it happens a lot of times, we just drifted apart. i tend to feel guilty about things like this. so mostly i will just try instead to remember how cool he was and how much i enjoyed knowing him. here's to you, mike. i'm glad i knew you, and i hope wherever you are is better than here.

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