Tuesday, April 01, 2003

i listened to this band called future bible heroes. it's a side project or whatever you wanna callit from stephin merritt of magnetic fields fame. very '80s synth-pop a la blondie, eurythmics, maybe erasure...among other things. bleak humor in the lyrics, or just obsessive, yet the music often had this almost brian wilson-esque sunniness.

also, david lynch the director has a musical project out, called "blue bob," with musician john neff. it's not at all an unexpected thing for lynch to have made. very noir, very cinematic, atmospheric. they call it "industrial blues." it's kind of funny, kind of creepy, kind of self-indulgent -- you know, david lynch. lots of cool distorted, grinding, droning, bluesy guitar, though. i'd give it a b-.

and we went to see the movie "bend it like beckham." it was more of a comedy than we thought it would be, about a teenage indian-english girl wanting to play soccer (or football, if you insist) but being vehemently opposed by her tradition-minded parents, who are in the middle of marrying off their older daughter. the girl, jess, worships (as in emulates the playing of) soccer star beckham, the one that married posh spice. the movie is filled with hilarious sexual misunderstandings, cultural disconnects, spice girls references (including music by mel c and victoria beckham aka posh, possibly among others i didn't notice), colorful musical sequences, and kick-ass soccer scenes.

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